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1808 Tattoo was started with a love for tattooing, culture and the shop’s home of Naples, NY. Although the town of Naples was established in 1789, it wasn’t until the year 1808 that it was given its name. We hope to preserve and continue traditions of the past and present with classic and custom tattoos, taking pride in creating visual history that will last forever. Our artists and their work are a reflection of this effort. Versatility is an expectation we do our best to meet, but also encourage and welcome the recreation of classic imagery and design. We chose to open our shop in a secluded area of the Finger Lakes Region because we believe that atmosphere is an element to any experience. 1808 is surrounded with popular walking and hiking trails, fishing, local restaurants, breweries, wineries, neighboring “Mom & Pop” shops, and scenic views of the Naples Valley. Professional tattooing and lifestyle is the heart of 1808 Tattoo.


Meet Evan Schapp, owner of 1808

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Evan drives his talent from a family background in art. At a young age, he was exposed to drawing techniques and lessons taught by his Grandmother. This was an early acceleration that would lead to a history of artistic medium including graphic design, painting, photography, videography, calligraphy and culinary. At a moment in high school, during what was most likely a distractible drawing session in class, he was turned onto the idea of tattooing. Drawing on paper quickly turned to drawing tattoos on himself, and mimicking popular tattoo designs of the 90s in his sketchbooks. His attraction to the tattoo culture was also partly derived from his heavy involvement in skateboarding. After traveling and exploring the country a bit Evan found himself in the Culinary arts, working his way through local restaurants to eventually become an established Chef. During his career in the food industry his family grew. Evan decided to revisit the idea of tattooing after his 3rd child. He would eventually move onto his tattoo apprenticeship with close friend, mentor and owner of Markus Tattoo, Seth Markus. After nearly 5 years working with his friends in Mendon, NY the idea of opening his own shop was sparked. Evan is now owner and artist at 1808 Tattoo. Although his tattoos can be very versatile, his main interests and specialties are in American Traditional, Neo Traditional, Lettering and black & grey floral work.When he's not tattooing, he is skateboarding, snowboarding, camping, doing more art or spending time with his wife, Jasmine and their three kids.


Meet Craig Parahus, 1808 Apprentice 

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Crag- (Nickname derived from Scottish Gaelic (Creag) meaning rock. English definition translates to crack in rock or steep cliff.
When it comes to being serious but also joking, Craig fits into the realm of serious jokester. He tries to balance this life with his art, friends, family, fishing, banjo playing and growing vegetables, these are the things we are going to discuss in this week’s episode of...This Is Craigs BIO.
Evans youngest Calls Craig, Cracker, which is hilarious because it goes back to the beginning of the Bio and that’s the reason, we chose the origin of Craig or crag, crack in a rock. Craig is very excited to be working under Evan and elated to not only grow as an artist, but mentally grow as well.
Craig has done a wide variety of jobs in his life, He spent 19 years cooking, starting as a line cook to a Sous Chef and then eventually being an executive chef. He spent most of his cooking career in Philadelphia with a dash of Italy splashed in. Whilst in Philly he met all kinds of people, but one shined out above the others, his friend Owen. After working on a couple of projects together that’s where Craig refired his passion for art.
From here he made his way up to the finger lake region where he escaped the city life to start homesteading and enjoying life in the woods with his mate and their family. Here, in his new home, if he isn’t drawing or at the shop you can maybe sight him fishing or half naked strolling through the woods like the Patterson footage looking for mushrooms. After years of cooking, he found a new path to follow, other than his utter obsession with dogs. He has always been interested in the art of tattooing and fully emersed himself in the opportunity of an apprenticeship and a transition into a new lifestyle and career. He is looking forward to offering the beauty of skin art to many and the adventure that will take him on a journey to meet wonderful new humans. 
Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground for some really punny artwork is about to drop and even worse jokes to follow…. much love


Meet Zilla Smith, 1808 Artist 

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Zillah (pronounced like Godzilla) is a tattooer with a versatile and ever-evolving style who loves doing black and grey realism, illustrative realism, fantasy blackwork and geometric patterns. She especially enjoys large-scale work and coverups.  
Originally from southern California, Zillah studied illustration in San Francisco and has been tattooing since 2015. Zillah spends free time rock climbing, hiking, listening to science and history podcasts, and spending time with pets


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